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August 08, 2005



Silly question! :-)

Did u win?!


Oh no, I'm very much at the back of the fleet, but we did a bit better than I had thought we would and we even had some good results!

For me it's the taking part, see my poem in the [about] section

Ruth S

Hmmm, I like those 'weight-off' suggestions. Think I might try a few.

And yes. Why does getting better at something require capital outlay? Like the poem by the way, it was very, .... poetic :-)


prayer walking is a new weightloss strategy to me!!! I think i told you i did quite a lot of swimming which helps me get my thoughts in order. However i find that as the calorie burning rate goes up, my praying ability goes down - bother those inverse correlations!


Funnily enough Rob, that's an advantage of the walk. I trundle along saying the Jesus Prayer

"Lord Jesus Christ, son of the Father; have mercy on me a sinner"

and that sets up quite a brisk rhythm to my walk. As I go along, I find things drop into my 'mind' and I ponder them and then go back to the Jesus Prayer!

I found with swimming that I could keep going for a long time but at such a slow pace that I wasn't really exercising.

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